Wood Inlay Patterns

September 26th, 2011

I want to get the inlay out to use in the actual piece of wood. Here is how the inlay fits You need the template material and inlay pattern to stay in the same position. were adept in the use of small tools and fragile pieces of wood. They come in forms of : medallions, panels, parquets, borders, and wall paneling in wide variety of wood species. Discover deals up to 80% off on the latest Wood Inlay Designs styles at Beso. Intricate solid wood inlays with delicate geometric patterns. Vacuum Pressing Systems; Veneering Tools; Veneers; Wood Parts illustrated instructions for mounting an inlay face.

Wood Inlay Patterns

  • pieces of veneer are cut out to fit a paper pattern.
  • Wood inlays are available in a variety of shapes and patterns that can add richness and beauty to almost any room.
  • Wood Veneer Inlays We can create an inlay pattern from almost any source (such as this photo).
  • Wood inlay patterns look great on furniture and even wood corbels.
  • Choose from many styles, including brass and pearl.
  • Inlay adds a decorative element to the wood surface by incorporating patterns made up of contrasting wood.

More information about Wood Inlay Patterns on the site: http://theapprenticeandthejourneyman.com

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