Roman Mosaic Patterns

April 27th, 2012

At the same conference we bought a little book called Geometric Patterns from Roman Mosaics: and how to draw them, by Robert Field. This engaging resource allows children to create their own mosaic pattern using different coloured titles. An ancient Roman mosaic panel with a geometric pattern of an interlocked diamond and square, a guilloche pattern around the border. Similar patterns and scenes however can be seen on mosaics throughout the Roman world. Tile designs can be patterns with repeating designs like the ones used in the Roman Empire became widespread throughout the Roman world. ME Doodle and draw with this groovy sketcher to make crazy Patterns articles. 1 Unraveling Roman mosaic meander patterns: A simple algorithm for their generation Yang Liu 6 Pine Street Belmont, MA, USA 02478 yangliu1971@gmail.

Roman Mosaic Patterns

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  • These free mosaic patterns are a great way to get started in mosaics or for inspiration on your next mosaic project.
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