Quilted Sweatshirt Jacket Pattern

June 25th, 2012

Make a Patchwork Quilted Sweatshirt Jacket from a men's sweatshirt. Jackets sewing patterns from Butterick Patterns Use a man's sweatshirt to make a woman's quilted jacket. Make one of these wonderful jackets with our quilted jacket patterns and kits. Ginger's Needleworks & Quilting specializes in quilted jacket from sweatshirt patterns by Kourtney Kenzie. Make a quilt you can wear! This delightful pattern book includes 9 jacket designs. Get quilted sweatshirt jacket patterns to download from e-PatternsCentral. Quilt sweatshirt jacket – Find the largest selection of quilt sweatshirt jacket on sale.

Quilted Sweatshirt Jacket Pattern

  • Cut your sweatshirt down the center front and sides.
  • Cut off sleeves I made this same jacket pattern using pre-quilted fabric.
  • These are generic instructions to make a sweatshirt jacket.
  • Designer quality quilted sweatshirt patterns Quilted Sweatshirt Patterns Browse our Jacket Pattern Page and pick out your next designer jacket pattern.
  • Fabric Creations has dimensional quilt, shirt and jacket patterns and the products to make them.
  • Find a cloche hat style that suits your taste.

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