Military Uniform Patterns

October 21st, 2011

Anime School Girl uniform? Follow this link to find out more about Military Uniforms for sale online at this Military Surplus Store. Universal Camouflage Pattern United States of America. In 2004, the U.S. Army finally unveiled a new uniform, the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). In 1968 the green sateen utilities were replaced in Vietnam by the Army green poplin jungle uniform. The Army this month began issuing new uniforms printed with a camouflage pattern designed to blend in better with Afghanistan's varied terrains. Military camouflage refers to any method used to render military forces less detectable to enemy forces. It has the small back and deep set sleeves typical of British military uniforms for the years 1806 to 1820.

Military Uniform Patterns

  • Eight years after troops in Afghanistan were outfitted with new uniforms, the Army is shopping for a different camouflage for its fatigues and equipment.
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