Leather Carving Patterns

January 18th, 2012

There are simple tricks that you can use to increase your success with carving a beautiful leather pattern into a saddle. Leather carving designs and patterns for custom saddles, tack and leather accessories. Basics Of Leather Carving I – Preparation This explains how to case leather and transfer patterns. Leather Carving and Stamping The term at one end to press the leather down rather than cut it. Most designs will use both of these techniques. Online retailer of Sheridan style leather carving supplies; patterns, books, videos, ebooks. G.K. Fraker Sheridan style leather carving & stamping. This is not a book, but rather an envelope of patterns with instructions for making each.

Leather Carving Patterns

  • quot;Operation Leather Carving," by Al Shelton, offers more advanced designs.
  • Craftaids are plastic sheets with raised lines on the pattern outline.
  • Case the leather by using water or a carving solution such as dish washing detergent and water.
  • Once cased, transfer pattern onto the leather using pattern.
  • Leather carving designs – Find the largest selection of leather carving designs on sale.
  • Online retailer of leather carving patterns, including packs by Chan Geer, Bob Moline, and Robb Barr.

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