Free Monkey Patterns

October 1st, 2011

Learn how to make a sock monkey with these free crochet patterns. The Monkey Wrench quilt is made with 14 quilt squares. Make sure you wash and iron your fabric before cutting. Sock monkeys are adorable stuffed monkeys made out of socks. Usually wool socks but they are just as adorable made out of other materials. Choose monkey patterns that children can easily trace, cut and decorate. Free Printable Counted Cross-Stitch Patterns and Graphs Available for Instant Download of Chinese Year Of Monkey.

Free Monkey Patterns

  • com/2008/07/dr If you can crochet here's a free pattern: http://www.crochetnow.
  • Made by stretching or pulling a sticky mass of boiled creativity, butter-flavored ideas and coloring until fluffy.
  • The Ultimate Knitting Experience Classic Wool Sock Monkey.
  • com Our free quilt patterns are applique and paper pieced.
  • So this is week three in my six-week series of free knitting patterns.
  • So far I've posted patterns for the Little Birds and the S.S Guppy, a felted sailboat.

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