Diwali Rangoli Patterns

June 22nd, 2012

Rangoli is said to be a great art form which is created in different styles with lots of meanings. Diwali is been an art form among Indian women. It Is A Tradition To Paint A Rangoli At The Entrance Of One’s Home During Diwali. Find here few rangoli ideas, designs and patterns. New] Rangoli Designs for Diwali | Happy Diwali 2011: Rangoli is a traditional decorative folk art of India. Rangoli is a traditional Indian decoration. It is a colorful pattern on the ground made of motifs, flowers and geometrical patterns.

Diwali Rangoli Patterns

  • Rangoli is an art of drawing figures and images on the floor at your home’s doorstep.
  • Rangoli designs for Diwali and decorate your courtyard on this auspicious Diwali Festival.
  • 18 beautiful rangoli designs to use for colouring or in crafts Rangoli Colouring Pages.
  • Use colored chalk on sandpaper to make authentic Rangoli designs in the Hindu Tradition.
  • Learn about Diwali and the Hindu culture.
  • Diwali Festival (click here) has free printable Diwali crafts, Rangoli patterns, coloring pages and activities.

More information about Diwali Rangoli Patterns on the site: http://3.bp.blogspot.com

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