Cravat Sewing Pattern

May 30th, 2012

The modern necktie, ascot, and bow tie are descended from the cravat. a method of cutting the fabric on the bias and sewing it in three segments. With help from another MSE''er I have a different cravat pattern, and am currently in the process of sewing the 4 that I need to make. pin lining to self-fabric necktie piece, right marked on pattern. Sewing Patterns from 1840's to early 1900's. Vintage clothing and Gown Bodices, Skirts, Waist, & Vest, 1870 Cravat Bows & 1869 Men's Collars. A cravat is the forerunner of the modern tie and there are those that still How to Make Your Own Sewing Patterns. A must for the well-dressed man, make up in white for dress or dark for day. One size fits most and can be adjusted easily in size.

Cravat Sewing Pattern

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